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"My Old Email "Partner" Gave Me A Virus. It Took Forever To Clear That Up. MyOtherEmail Is A Dose Of Relief!" - E.B. From New York

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  • Powered by Yahoo Mail!
  • Great Names Still Available
  • Easy To Remember Address
  • Free Throw Away Address
  • 2 Gigabyes of Email Storage
  • Webmail/POP3/IMAP4
  • Ad-Free & Tagline-Free
  • SpamGuard Plus
  • Virus Protection
  • Send 20 MB Attachments
  • Up To 50 Sort Filters
  • Block 200 Unwanted Senders
  • Annual Fee $19.95

  • Great Names Still Available
  • Easy To Remember Address
  • 50 MB Email Storage
  • Easy To Use Webmail
  • Calendar
  • Task List
  • Message Filters
  • Blocked Senders List
  • Full Spam control
  • Ad Supported
  • Built-In RSS Reader
  • Built-In Blog Software
  • No Fee
Welcome To My Other Email

Hello, My name is Chance and I am the owner of My Other Email dot com. I wanted to take a moment to tell you about my experiences with the email address. I have owned this domain name for over four years. During that time, I have used it as a personal email address. I gave a few accounts to friends and family, but I never made it widely available for public use.

Since I started using, nearly every person I have given my email address has made a comment about how much they like it. I am not kidding. I would say 9 out of 10 people would make an unsolicited positive comment about my personal email address.

At first, I did not think anything about it. Then, my friends and family that I gave email addresses started commenting on how much everyone they gave their email address thought it was a great email address. Several of these people even told me I should offer as a paid email service.

After playing around with the idea of launching, I decided it was time. I just could not sit on this great name and not share. So, we are here today to let you know about our product. It is a web based email service. It is a POP3 based email service. It includes SPAM filtering and Virus protection for your email. You can get a free email account or you can opt for a paid email account. You can even choose a free email account today and upgrade to a paid email account tomorrow.

More than that, it is one of the catchiest email addresses anyone could ever have and since we are just starting out, you still have the opportunity to get a very catchy, easy to remember email address instead of simply being a name with a long number on the end. Trust me. The real value of this email service is the name, My Other Email dot Com. It deffinately is the Email People Remember.

I hope you enjoy having an address as much as I have. Once you get your own MyOtherEmail account, let your friends and family know. They may thank you just like mine did.

Maybe I should have done this sooner. :-)

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